Personalize Your Art Decor – Photography

In our series of Art and Decorating Articles, we have discussed the value of art as perhaps the least expensive way to create the ambiance you want to achieve for your home or office. We have provided our insights into how to select the pieces that best meet your needs and how to hang your choices in the easiest and most effective way. Now we would like to begin a series of Articles on the Various Genres of Art.Remember the choice must be yours, reflecting the mood you wish the living space to convey and the personal joy it brings to you every time you view it.We all have a favorite place we love, that brings us joy. It may be a secluded forest, or a bright sun filled beach, or the peaks of majestic mountains. For each of us, there are special people that bring us joy and peace. Why not use the special places and people to create the joy and peace of your living space.Today, across the internet, local and national professional photographers offer a wide variety of photographic art. With new reproduction techniques, photographic art is available in all sizes and on different backgrounds including canvas. Local artists are your best bet if you want familiar scenes. Depending on your style, even historic photo art is available such as the famous “kiss” from the cover of Life Magazine at the end of World War II.While photography is almost 200 years old, the advent of the digital camera has changed the game allowing anyone to create the fantastic images you desire; and allow you to share the pride in your own picture decor.Getting started on creating your own photographic art is easier than you think. The first step is getting the camera. Don’t get hung up on an expensive camera, you don’t need it. A great shot is as striking to an ordinary camera as to an expensive camera. With a digital camera you can see immediately what you have captured and have the ability to re-shoot the picture until it is just right. When taking your photo be sure you have enough light to bring out the focus of your picture. Also, don’t forget the background if you are photographing a person or object keeping the background simple and light to bring out the subject. In nature scenes, the background of the ocean, trees, or flowers adds depth to make the photo natural and pleasing.Once you have captured the scene you want (whether your own or from a photo artist), don’t forget the frame. The final presentation of the framed photographic art is important to show the work to its best advantage.Photographic frames come in two basic styles which are metal or wood and are available in almost all colors and styles from plain to ornate. A simple black metal frame allows the artwork to stand on its own and is an especially good choice if you are hanging multiple pictures. A bleached white wood frame is often used for seashore scenes to contrast the blue green color of the water for an added natural look. Wood frames stained in the appropriate color can highlight forests or mountain scenes, again creating a natural feel.Which ever way you choose to go; purchased photo art or creating your own, you can have pride in creating the unique ambiance for your living space and feel good from the memories that are always there for you.

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